Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gluten Free Hamburger Helper (kinda)

Alright, sorry, I know I've been gone all summer. I've been dealing with some health issues of my own. But I'm hopefully I'm back in all my flaky gluten-free glory. ;)

So yesterday at the store I noticed that Betty Crocker now has two new GF mixes in the Hamburger Helper line: Chicken Fried Rice and Beef Fried Rice. I thought that was cool, but I knew my family won't eat dehydrated vegetables. And I knew that this week's menu featured a homemade version of Hamburger Helper courtesy of Suzanne McMinn's blog Chickens In The Road. She is brilliant!

She had recipes for several versions, and I made Cheesy Chili Mac. All I did to make it gluten free was to sub out the regular macaroni for gluten free macaroni. (I also used extra lean ground beef.) I should have taken a picture before I served dinner but I didn't realize that my husband and boys would snarf the whole pan. My 7- and 2-year-old both ate two helpings. My husband made fun of it, but ate two big helpings, and my 5-year-old, who doesn't like meat, ate his noodles. Anything the kids eat happily is a keeper. I thought it was tasty, maybe a little meaty, but tasty. And all there was left was a little bit the monkey called dibs on for lunch. I'll definitely be making this again and I'm planning on trying her variations.