Monday, November 23, 2009

The Turkey

It seems like I should have another week before Thanksgiving, dang it.

Anyway, this morning after my husband reminded me that I needed time to thaw the turkey, I decided I had better go buy the turkey.

It was so simple last year. I went to Smith's, I looked at their $5 turkey and it said gluten-free.

This year, I went to Smith's and instead of Norbest turkeys, their cheap turkeys were Private Selection turkeys, their in-house brand. And dang it, they not only did it not say gluten-free, Modified Food Starch was on the ingredients list. I hate that stuff, it can be anything. They didn't even have a 1-800 number on the package to make it easy to check. So I complained to the manager. And then I reloaded my 3 boys into the car and went home and called Jennie-O.

Jennie O said all her turkeys are gluten free, but her gravy packets are not gluten free (surprise!), and she even seemed to know what she was talking about. I said "It would be nice if you labeled them," and she said, "If there was any wheat, barley or rye in them we would put it on the label." So apparently Jennie-O is a truth in labeling company.

Next, I refueled the kids with gluten free muffins, reloaded the kids, drove to where my son thought he saw a Fresh and Easy store (he's usually right about these things, but not today), drove to where I knew there really was a Fresh and Easy Store and bought a Jennie-O fresh, young turkey for $.99 a pound. I decided that if I had to pay real money for a turkey I was not going to thaw said turkey out in a hurry.

I have also completed almost all my shopping (hubby forgot he needed sandwich bags, so I'll have to make a quick stop somewhere, and I probably forgot something, too). Tonight, I roasted my sweet potatoes, and made my cranberry chutney. Oh and I broke down and just bought myself a pumpking pie. Not a huge one, but I figured it would be one less thing to make, and the gluten-free monkey assured me he is definitely not interested in it. Tomorrow's project: gluten-free dinner rolls, and gluten-free dried bread for stuffing. I might still get it all done....


  1. Good luck, Tiffany!

    I'm in the same boat, even though I'm going to my dad's house for the meal -- I basically have to cook an entire GF Thanksgiving meal for son and myself to bring along.

  2. Good luck to you, too, Eileen. It gets second nature to take a gf version of the food to every party, doesn't it? It's just that Thanksgiving is so much work. Just think of the leftovers.