Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Momma Award

This is the first Happy Momma award; I hope to make it a weekly post. The only prize is a shout out to all my gluten-free blog friends that I think this product is great! Why call it the Happy Momma award and not the Happy Monkey Award? Because one of the qualifications for this award is that when I find it I get so excited I do a little dance of joy!

So without further ado, the winner of the first Happy Momma Award is Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers!

When my friend Rachelle told me she had bought yummy gluten-free crackers at Sam's Club, I didn't really believe her (sorry Rachelle!). But when I walked into Sam's Club and saw the giant stack of cracker boxes, I started to get really happy! And when I took the box home and opened it and saw how many crackers you get in a box I got even happier! And when I tasted them and had the gluten-free monkey do a taste test, I stayed happy! We had a great time this weekend trying out various cracker toppings! (Clockwise from top, chicken salad, hummus, olive spread, and guacomole.)

They cost me $7.16 for the box, which contained two 10 oz. bags of crackers. Great price! I always feel really ripped off paying $4 for a 6 oz box of gluten-free crackers.

They are 100 percent whole grain, oven baked, cholesterol free, and low sodium. They are certified GF by the GFCO. (Ingredients: Brown Rice Meal, Sesame Seeds, Potato Starch, Quinoa Seeds, Safflower Oil, Flax Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Tamari Soy Sauce Powder, Corn Maltodextrin and Salt.) They also contain 280 mg of Omega-3 per serving.

And they really do taste good! These thin crunchy crackers taste less "ricey" than most rice crackers, and they taste slightly nutty, and vaguely like sesame and soy sauce. (Sorry, I'm not a good flavor describer!) I'm not a celiac and I like them, and my oldest, celiac son and youngest son liked them -- the middle one doesn't like anything) and I really wouldn't hesitate to serve them to any one.

If you'd like your own Crunchmaster crackers, try your local Sam's Club or you can contact the maker at or 1-888-574-7737.

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