Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Momma Award

This Happy Momma Award goes to Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries! (The prize is a shout out to all my gluten free buddies that I think this product is great!)

We were never huge consumers of fast food. My oldest son was diagnosed with diabetes at age 16 months, and fast food and diabetes are better left unmixed. BUT, every one needs a treat now and then, so we used to hit a fast food place once a month or so. Then came celiac disease. Most fast food is no longer an option, and while we do hit In-N-Out Burger once in a while for a protein burger and fries, we eat even less fast food than we used to eat. BUT, (again with the big but!) I think every diet has a little room for fries. These are my favorite frozen fries. They taste good, they bake up crispy and YES, they are labeled gluten free! (I did my little happy dance in the freezer section when I saw that!) Actually Ore-Ida has quite a few products that are labeled gluten-free: here's a link to their web site. Pass the ketchup, please!

Here's a link to Ore-Ida's web site listing their gluten-free products.

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